Welcome. The complete text on Moral Values, Conflict, and Politics in America as well as all other articles are available online as a contribution to our national political discourse.

This website is dedicated to the idea that humans are by nature moral beings; that—as distinguished from other animals– we feel, think, act, react, and judge within a context of right and wrong determined largely by our moral beliefs and values. Social and political conflict arises because we all do not hold the same beliefs and values in common. Our political process, however, has evolved largely into confrontational and ideologically ‘I’m right-you’re wrong,’ shoot-from-the-hip, personal attacks against others, a reflection of how issues are debated today.

American politics demand a less polarizing style of discourse. The process in this website suggests an alternative: setting aside the discussion of our beliefs and values based on the traditional, one-sided, and often disrespectful, heated-debate approach to politics and in favor of a more effective means of communication, the dialectical dialogue. Throughout, our underlying principle should remain that of affirming one of democracy’s most basic principles, a deep sense of respect toward the dignity of all human beings.

The issues being examined in this website are among the most significant ones in American politics. From traditional culture war themes, such as, abortion, gay marriage, religion in politics, and pornography, to others that, for obvious reasons, also fall within the confines of moral values, like the Iraq war, the War on Terror, the Middle East conflict, sexuality and women’s liberation, gun control, political correctness, the ethical conduct of our politicians, and the responsibility we bear as a major power in world affairs.

To understand the style of political dialogue used throughout the book, I recommend first reading Chapter 1, What’s Wrong With a Bit of Social and Political Correctness. This style sets the tone for the rest of the book. Also, I recommend that chapters within each section be read in their proper order.

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